The Political and Social Messages Behind Obey Clothing

Obey Clothing, founded by street artist Shepard Fairey, is known for its bold designs and thought-provoking imagery. Beyond being a fashion brand, Obey Clothing serves as a platform for political and social commentary, with many of its designs carrying deeper meanings and messages. This article will explore the political and social messages behind Obey Clothing and how the brand uses fashion as a medium for expression and activism.

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1. Subversive Imagery

At the heart of Obey Clothing’s aesthetic is subversive imagery that challenges conventional norms and questions authority. Shepard Fairey, the brand’s founder, gained fame for his “Andre the Giant Has a Posse” sticker campaign, which evolved into the Obey Giant project. The iconic imagery of the Obey Giant, with its stark red and black color scheme, serves as a symbol of dissent and resistance against mainstream culture.

2. Political Activism

Obey Clothing is deeply rooted in political activism, with many of its designs reflecting Fairey’s progressive ideals and advocacy for social justice. The brand often incorporates imagery inspired by political movements, historical figures, and revolutionary slogans into its clothing, serving as a visual reminder of the power of activism and the importance of speaking out against injustice.

3. Social Commentary

In addition to political activism, Obey Clothing addresses a wide range of social issues through its designs, sparking conversations about topics such as environmentalism, consumerism, and globalization. The brand’s graphics often feature thought-provoking phrases and imagery that challenge viewers to rethink their perspectives and consider the implications of their actions on society and the planet.

4. Cultural Appropriation

Obey Clothing is known for its commentary on cultural appropriation and the commodification of marginalized cultures. The brand often incorporates imagery and iconography from various cultures into its designs, raising questions about cultural identity, ownership, and representation in mainstream fashion. By highlighting these issues, Obey Clothing encourages dialogue and reflection on the complexities of cultural exchange in a globalized world.

5. Environmental Awareness

Environmental awareness is another recurring theme in Obey Clothing’s designs, reflecting Fairey’s commitment to sustainability and environmental activism. The brand often features imagery of endangered species, natural landscapes, and environmental slogans, drawing attention to the urgent need for conservation and stewardship of the planet. Through its designs, Obey Clothing encourages consumers to consider the environmental impact of their choices and take action to protect the Earth.

6. Empowerment and Solidarity

Obey Clothing celebrates empowerment and solidarity through its designs, often featuring imagery of strong, resilient individuals and communities. The brand’s graphics promote unity, strength, and resilience in the face of adversity, inspiring viewers to stand up for their beliefs and support one another in the fight for justice and equality.


Obey Clothing is more than just a fashion brand; it is a platform for political and social expression, activism, and empowerment. Through its bold designs and thought-provoking imagery, Obey Clothing challenges viewers to think critically about the world around them and take action to create positive change. As the brand continues to evolve, its commitment to political and social messages remains unwavering, making it a powerful force for activism and advocacy in the fashion industry.

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